Month: June 2012


Mediterranean Bruschetta for a lazy dinnertime

I made these crunchy bruschetta for dinner, along with tomato soup. We love everything fresh about it, especially when get to find sweet tomatoes and

Snacks and nibbles

Easy crunchy spicy baked Polenta Crackers

This has to be one of the easiest recipes one can invent.. I used to enjoy nachos and potatoe chips (crisps in some parts of


Mirroir aux fruits rouges

First of all, I would like to thank Ellen from Ellen be cookery for her wondeful surprise: She nominated my blog for the Versatile award. 


Blueberry (or apricot) crumble with custard cream and gooseberry marmalade

The best way for me to learn German is to go shopping and dwelling around the shelves in the supermarkets. I also bought a couple


Gooseberries and more on Neustadt A/W

I’m going to be honnest, I’ve never had gooseberries before (unless we count physalis). When I spotted it in the market, I had to try


Alain Ducasse’s inspired Lemon Tartlets

Last week, I have offered a mini-buffet to some of my husbands’ friends. I have prepared some old recipes and some others which will be

Snacks and nibbles, Starters, Salads and kemia

Savoury munchies with sausage and tapenade make irresistible nibbles

  There are many version of this type of savoury bites in Morocco. You can actually get creative when it comes to the filling, the


Homemade Muesli bars, can we consider them healthy?

Muesli land seems to be Switzerland but in Germany, there is plenty of Muesli brands with different “declinaisons”. It seems to be a breakfast staple,


Strawberry-Rhubarb-Apple-Custard pie

Sun is back, finally! I’m still mesmerized by the beauty of Neustadt a/w (Neustadt an der Weinstraße where the “ß” is read like an “ss”). 


Lemon and raspberry tartlets over a bed of Sablé Breton

Sablé Breton is a sort of dough which is half-way between shortbread dough and a cake: It’s soft like a cake but with a light

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