Germany: the land of poets and thinkers, cars, drinks and food

I’m finally in Germany, our latest “hosting” country and I already can’t stopping counting the blessings. We are in a beautiful small town. Our flat is not far from the Marketplatz where things are happening and where everything is beautiful: from the old buildings to the flowers, to the Konditorei (bakeries).

Our new town, and the top right is the view from our flat

 But what’s really warming my heart and getting me so excited (besides the breathtaking landscape) is the colourful seasonal fruits and veggies.

Saturday Market in the Marketplatz

Everything seems to be organic, mouthwatering and people are so friendly.

Some of the things I bought from the saturday market in Marketplatz

Here are the things I noticed since I got here (about 5 days):

– It seems that we are right in the Spargel season (asparagus). So everything seems to be made with asparagus, from the soup to the pizza…

– I’m usually ok with tomatoes but because of my gastric problem, I tend to consume wisely. But since I got here, I’ve been snacking on tomatoes: They’re so firm, sweet and flashing red, so you can’t miss them.

– Over here, everyone seems to be found of kartoffel (potatoes), So are we! I suppose we are in the right place.

– Yesterday, cherries have shown up!

– And last but not least, the berries: strawberries, blueberries and raspberries; they’re all very inviting. It’s seriously an addiction: I still have them in the fridge but I’m already thinking to buy more, especially the raspberries, I never tasted better than these. 

– After walking too much, you can’t resist the traditional kaffee/ kuchen break (coffee and cake). Actually I don’t feel like baking cakes anymore until I try all whats available in all these Konditorei (cake shops). I’m serious about it: it’s hard to resist them, and they are many in a strip of 100 m.

Wonderful moist cake with walnut, hazelnut and candied lemon peel, covered with a thin layer of buttercream, marzipan and a chocolate powder.

– Germany is the land of beer and sausages, no question about it..But because of my religious restrictions I wouldn’t be tackling this part of their culinary heritage. Also, we are located in an area where wine production is a main business, there are vinyards everywhere. So I’m sure some people envy me at this point, especially that I have no interest in alcoholic beverages but I know people who are already planning to visit me for the sole purpose of stocking up in wine…

So yes my friends, from a culinary angle, this majestic country has a lot to offer. So far, my only challenge  is the language, but I plan to learn. There is a time for everything. I see many books about baking that I’m eager to buy and devorate..

So I hope you follow me in my new adventure. Let’s discover Germany.

6 thoughts on “Germany: the land of poets and thinkers, cars, drinks and food

  1. Maybe you can settle a debate for me- I have an argument with a german colleague… I tell him white asparagus is disgusting, and he says that is what Germany eats because it's so delicious and amazing. Did you try any there yet? I just can't enjoy it myself… it's so bitter and tough


  2. Hi Charles, from at I've noticed, they've got 3 types: 2 are white, one is thinner than the other and the 3rd is the green..The green tastes the same as the ones I tried before, classic stuff, a bit ogf bitterness which is a charateristic of that type of asparagus..Regarding the white asparagus, I just tried the thin version and there was not bitterness in it…I just blanched it and sauteed it, nothing bad about it. I even had it raw (which some of them do over here)… I haven't tried the \”fat\” white asparagus yet but I'll buy it tomorrow and let you know..The rain is gone crazy now so I killed my plans of going out…Does it have to do with the soil it's been grown in?


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