Moroccan biscuits with almonds and raisins: Fekkas Mssaoues or Msseoues

I love these traditional Almond and raisins Fekkas. This used to be my “milk and cereals” type of breakfast, just like many people from Fes.
I have published the stories and recipe for this Moroccan sweet staple on where Christine and I joined forces to talk about all things Moroccan. 
You can still scroll down to see how fekkas looks like and what to do with crumbs.

Having fekkas crumbs around? How about using them on top of yogurt, Muhallabia or panna cotta?
Ideas to use the broken fekkas? How about this crumble over muhallabia?

Making fekkas, when the dough looks dry, add a bit of orange blossom water or milk

To make this healthy breakfast (Well, in our times, corn flakes were not an option. Thank God!)

Soaked broken fekkas in milk and orange blossom


Author: Nada

Nada Kiffa is an Expert in Moroccan cooking and her recipes are coming from a lineage of Moroccan home and professional cooks. Cooking classes and posted articles are inspired by her family life in Morocco and elsewhere. You will learn what makes a dish Moroccan before learning how to execute it. You will also learn how to work around recipes and cut corners without missing on the flavour.

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  1. Hi Miriam..I'm truly happy that you had a go and one of my recipes..This one is quite my childhood's fav one..I would love to use wheat too..I think it'll give it character..Thanks for the idea..

  2. I've used this recipe twice now, except I replaced a quarter of the white flour with wheat. I was worried about the color and taste, but it came out perfect. Thank you so much, so glad I found your site.

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