Month: May 2012


Rhubarb and strawberry pie

I know I said there will be no cake baking but this is a tart, so It does not count. Besides, you will know shortly


Germany: the land of poets and thinkers, cars, drinks and food

I’m finally in Germany, our latest “hosting” country and I already can’t stopping counting the blessings. We are in a beautiful small town. Our flat


Moroccan biscuits with almonds and raisins: Fekkas Mssaoues or Msseoues

I love these traditional Almond and raisins Fekkas. This used to be my “milk and cereals” type of breakfast, just like many people from Fes.

Fish and seafood, Starters, Salads and kemia

Briouates/Sbiaates aux fruits de mer : Seafood rolls and triangles

I’m not done yet with the appetizers and the ideas for snacks. In fact, since I’m in Morocco these days, I’m enjoying the freshly made

Desserts and cakes, Moroccan sweet corner, Snacks and nibbles

Indulging chocolate-coated Saudi dates

Today’s recipe is inspired by those wonderful Saudi and Emirati dates I used to enjoy in the Middle-East. There is an abundance of dates over


Addictive Sablés au café

You wouldn’t believe how these cookies are addictive.   Icing-coated cookies First time I tried them was 1 year ago at my auntie’s place. I


Daily bread: from simple to crazy

Bread is a staple in the Moroccan table. It is part of the daily routine to make bread or to buy it, in both cases,


Williams Sonoma’s date and walnut cake

It’s the first time I try one of Williams Sonoma’s recipes. So I went for a date and walnut loaf. This cake keeps well because


Sweet Briouates & Sbiaats with rice, imagine a wrapped rice pudding

By now, you should now that Briouates mean stuffed brik/ouarka/phylo sheet shaped in triangles and Sbiaats refers to the rolled shape. You are even ready


Moroccan Slow-cooked tagine or stew: Quails with semi-confit of pears

— Recette en Français un peu plus bas — Quails or chicken mqalli or mqualli with pears is a festive dish served in happy events

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