Ideas for Appetizers and snacks

As you may have seen in my previous posts, I make my puff pastry (old post in French) and the leavened version to make croissants and danish.

I tend to use the other half of the dough in making savoury appetizers. I freeze them until the day I have guests. Everybody enjoys these bites. You can actually get creative.

You can replace the leavened puff by a simple but good puff pastry (made with butter), or a brioche dough, or a brik/phyllo dough for a healthier version.

There is no real recipe here, but rather ideas..

For any idea you will be choosing, please follow these guidelines:

1- Egg wash and let rise or freeze (in this case thaw, let rise, egg wash again and finally bake).

2- Bake at 220 C until golden brown. Serve warm or at room temperature.

3- If you don’t feel like working hard on the shape. Make a big reclangle, fill it and instead of cutting small appetizers and loosing the stuffing while it’s baking, just score the pastry from the top like so..

You may also use your fingers to create “portions”.

Both ideas will facilitate the cutting into individual portions once the pastry is baked.


1- Hot-dog/sausage and mustard

Roll the dough in a rectangular shape, brush 1/3 with Dijon mustard. Place the pre-cooked and cooled sausage or hot-dog. Roll and seal.

You might add shredded cheese inside as well, some black pepper or paprika.


A plate of different appetizers, all using the same dough


2- Thick bolognese sauce with green bell pepper and cheese

This bolognese-inspired sauce is made with onions, carrots, ground beef (or sausage meat), celery, garlic and finally tomato sauce. All reduced and then mixed with shredded cheese.

3- Fes’ goat cheese (replace with a good farm goat cheese)

This version is made with parsley, mint, a hint of garlic and a touch of harissa, all mixed with a genrerous portion of amazing goat cheese from Fes (dense and creamy, left 3 days to loose liquids).

Cut into individual bites.. Serve.


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