A surprising award from my fellow blogger Serena

I went to check the latest thing posted by Serena at sfizi & vizi (blog in Italian but you can translate to your favourite language) to discover that she has nominated my blog for an award.

First of all, let me thank you for your support and your nice messages. One of them made me laugh, when you asked me the few days I disappeared whether I was still cooking.

Following what Serena has posted about the rules, I shall share them over here.

The rules are always the same:
  1. Thank whoever appointed your blog for the prize
  2. Link to the blog of the person who appointed your blog
  3. Share 7 recipes-desserts that have changed your life 
  4. Nominate 10 other cake bloggers who want to give the prize
It’s difficult to talk about THE 7 recipes which changed my baking-life because they are many. I’ll try:

1- A Génoise (recipe in French): A sort of sponge-light cake. I learned how to make it when I was 12 in a very traditional way, using a bain-marie before baking it. It reminds me of my dad because he was the one encouraging me to try and learn in the kitchen. My father is gone (God bless his soul) 3 years ago, I miss him a lot everyday that goes by. At the time I learned how to make it, we were only using whipped cream and straberries to make of it the best cake that everyone will enjoy!

2- Belgian waffles with yeast: I just love them! I went to Belgium twice and I had my overdose of these sweet things, no topping required. The crunchy caramelized crust and the soft inside make a good combination and the perfect comfort bite. I make them at home when I can but I still want to find THE recipe. 
3- British apple crumble (recipe in French): I never knew you could top a tart with a dough (in this case crumble) from the top. Of course I knew tart tatin. It was a huge discovery. I’ve used this technique ever since in many sweet and also savoury recipes. I even went extra miles with the apple crumble itself, check it out here. Bless the Brits (well, I’m biased if still don’t know that).
4- Royal au chocolat (recipe in French): It’s a sort of “Entremet” with chocolate ganache;  a crunchy layer with almond/hazelnut pralin, nutella and gavottes; an almond/hazelnut dacquoise layer and a thin clowd of cocoa powder. I love everything about it back to my childhood until now. Of course it looks way better when professional display it, but trust me, the recipe previously posted when I started blogging will make you feel what I’m talking about: Heavenly!

5- Moroccan almond sbiaats: sort of rolls with a homemade almond paste trapped into a crunchy layer of brik sheet, fried and then generously soaked in honey. You can’t beat that!

6- Baked cheesecake (recipe in French): mostly the ones with citrus or mandarine, blueberries or raspberries. Discovered in 2004 during my 1st trip to UK. Since I don’t come from a country where this is usual business, this thing had a wow effect. My first baked cheesecake was bought in Tesco somewhere in North England. It tasted even better than a homemade.

7- Checkboard cookies (recipe in French): I didn’t know we can plan with cookie dough until my sister made these when I was 16. I haven’t stopped since…

Now that I wrote all this, I’m overwhelmed with emotional memories…

It’s my turn to nominate 10 blogger-bakers. I should warn you that the list will have a multi-lingual aspect.

La simplicita di Isabella (Italian)
Cakes in the city (French)
Amuse-bouche (French)
Five euro food (English)
Priya easy and tasty recipes (English)
Tomato Sauce (English)
Cuisine Pratique (Dutch)
Bake fail (English)
Dulce se dolce (Romanian)
Delices de Red (French)

I wish you all good night lovely people!

6 thoughts on “A surprising award from my fellow blogger Serena

  1. Ciao Nada, first of all, it's me the one who has to say \”thank you\”. When I got the award, I immediately thought of you for a simple reason: Looking at your pics and reading the way you make the recipes, it's often a nice way to go back to my past, a way to relax and have good feelings. Moreover, your cakes are always inviting and yummy and I'm totally sure that their taste is fantastic as well!Have a great day,Serena


  2. Why thank you for the nomination Nada! It's very sweet of you to think of me :)I love seeing the recipes you've posted as having \”changed your life\”… checkerboard cookies especially. I've always thought they were so cool! I had no idea that Belgian waffles had yeast inside….. 😮 Shows how much I know 😀


  3. Ciao Serana! thanks for your sweets words! I hope you try the recipes, I would love to have your thoughts on them. I also like reading your posts. They always \”talk to me\”. Besides, I seriously discovered a few things. I should have wrote in this post that blogging changed my life and my cooking because We keep learning..


  4. Hi Charles, my favourite type of waffles is the one made with yeast and pearled sugar. It's basically a sort of brioche dough and then they make balls before shapin the waffle. Unlike the square or reclangular version that is made out of a batter..hhhhh, now that I'm writing this I can smell it!


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