Moroccan carrot and orange salad or juice. Any way you want it!


Today’s recipe is rather odd. It’s at the same time a salad, a dessert or a juice. Yes indeed, it all depends how much orange juice you add and how you will present it.
Moroccan carrot and orange salad is healthy, refreshing and dead easy to make. Same goes for the other “déclinaisons”. It keeps well in the fridge for a few hours.
In the past, I used to drink this juice on a daily basis and my skin was glowing. Besides, they say carrots are good for your eyes..Now that i’m in the country of oranges, I’m planning to go back to my habits, for the time I’ll be here..
Moroccan carrot and orange salad

For an authentic flavour, you need orange blossom water (not extract, not rose water) and cinnamon powder.

Adjust per serving
Prep: 10 min – Chilling: minimum 30 min.
  • Orange juice
  • Sweet carrots, peeled
  • Count about 1 tbsp of orange blossom water per serving
  • Count about 1 tsp of cinnamon powder per serving
  • Sugar or sweetener to taste (optional)

Peel the carrots and grate them very finely (even more than in the picture). Juice the oranges.


Carrot and orange salad or dessert: In this case, you will need more grated carrots than the quantity of juice because it should be a bit on the thick side. Some folks cut oranges instead of juicing them. It’s also possible.
Carrot and orange juice: you will obviously need more liquid, so you should add more orange juice. You may as well blend the carrots or press them using juicer (centrifugeuse), collect the pulp and the juice then add the rest of the ingredients. What I did today is just grating the carrots finely and then blending them with the rest of the ingredients.

Mix the carrots and orange juice with the remaining ingredients in a bowl and cover to avoid any contact with air. Allow the juice or the salad to infuse, ideally for about 1 hour.

Carrot and orange juice

Serve chilled.


6 thoughts on “Moroccan carrot and orange salad or juice. Any way you want it!

  1. Hi Nada – I love carrot and orange juice – wish I had a juicer but I found them so insanely difficult to clean so I never got one myself – the salad looks like a great idea as well though – something to try in the warm weather – will keep for myself though – my wife isn't a huge fan of carrot-based salads alas 😦


  2. My children seem to love carrot juice beyond content. It was a shocking drink of choice, as they originally hated carrots. The salad is just so bright! Going to have to try sneaking this into our meals and hopefully not have too much of a fight.


  3. Hi Charles, my juicer has a central part which is difficult to rinse, I even use a toothbrush dedicated for this..but it gives me amazing pomogranate juice and also apple juice..but in this recipe, you don't really need it…I just found it useful but it's totally optional..


  4. Hi serena,,, thanks for your sweet words…I have many things to post but my internet was down for days, very frustrating…I'm starting tonight with a new internet operator..let's see how it goes…


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