Hello from Morocco

Hello there folks!

Here I am, moving from one country to another, and then to a 3rd one in the near future. In the meantime, I am in Morocco, enjoying the beautiful weather and the wonderful food.

People are complaining because there wasn’t much rain. I recall it was raining crazy last year at the same time. I have to take care of the greens in my garden as the soil is drying…It’s still green but it needs maintenance. So I wish the coming days were wet!

I also had to get my internet to work, so I’m back to posting and soon I’ll be posting recipes..

See you soon (virtually)!

3 thoughts on “Hello from Morocco

  1. Hello Eric, Nice to know I was missed…I'm currently between Casablanca and El Jedida where the surrounding beaches are wonderful and quiet at this time of the year (good for a walk).I'll be in Europe soon, no date yet but not far from Hollande.

  2. Hello Nada,Welcome back, started to miss you!Where are you now in Morocco, and where are you going?Greetings from a drizzly HollandEric

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