Pistachio paste/powder

Pistachio paste/powder is one of these basic recipes you can make ahead and use as per inspiration.
It can be used to stuff pastry. It can be added to shortbread or shortcrust dough. It can be used in pistachio ice cream, It can used to make a pistachio cream just like you would make a frangipane (which is why I am making it). And what about making pistachio chocolate filling for truffles and chocolate squares?
I made my pistachio paste that would have become one if I had a proper food processor. But I’m just using one of those small 5 in 1 braun type of grinders, so I didn’t dare blending the pistachios for more than 7 min from start to finish, pausing in between.  
That said, I’m content with the semi-paste texture because it wouldn’t disturb the final project I have in mind.
I have used a recipe that I found pretty much everywhere in the blogosphere and which people claim it belongs to Pierre Hermé. Altought I have 4 cookbooks of him, I just can’t find it anywhere in them….
So this recipe to make a pistachio paste/powder, depending when you are going to stop grinding and kneading.
For about 2 cups
Prep : 30 min
  • 120 g of skinless pistachios (I boiled them, removed the skin with a towel and torrefied them)
  • 60 g of sugar powder  
  • 30 g of almond powder (optional but helps in the texture)
  • About 2 tbsp of water or 1 tbsp of neutral oil
Grind the pistachios in a food processor for about 4 minutes, until you get a fine powder. Add the sugar and grind again for few more minutes.
To make pistachio paste, add water to mixture while still grinding, one tablespoon at a time, until the paste has the consistency of an almond paste or a marzipan.  Knead with the palm of your hands, shape it into a ball or a sort of sausage.
Store in a plastic bag and freeze until you need it.

2 thoughts on “Pistachio paste/powder

  1. Hi Nada! I love Pistachios, though usually when I'm eating them I don't realise just how vibrant they are in colour – what a fabulous colour! Pistachio ice-cream and macarons are quite common over here… I'd always thought the colouring was artificial… I see it's definitely not!


  2. Hi Charles, Pistachio ice crea sometimes get a colouring in it. Decent ice-cream makers don't do that though! These are Persian pistachios, usually taste good and look good.


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