Next up: Danish, olive tapenade, pistachio powder and more

It’s been a hard week at all levels. And with all the sandstorms around here, asthma, flu and coughs kicked in big time..I have no idea how long this is going to take to go back to a normal condition.  I really feel shattered.

This does not stop me from baking danish because I have saved some croissant dough in the freezer, which makes it easy. So I made these to be served this afternoon.

After 4 years living in Qatar, I have finally found good black olives probably coming from Turkey or Syria (the seller is not sure), exactly the ones we get back home; a bit bitter and wrinkly, just what I need for a good black tapenade. So I made just about a little jar. I love tapenade in my tomato sauce for pizzas and pastas. I also like to spread it on my bread, on the top of a Kiri.

And finally, Since I still have some croissant dough, I will be making croissants with pistachio cream (made like almond cream). Since buying peeled pistachios costs 3 times than peeling them myself, I made the whole thing from scratch. That is also coming up..

And maybe if I get to post the recipe of these oven-baked chicken and vegetable rolls within the week as well. These were made weeks ago.

I hope I’ll get better soon to post all these recipes…Wish me luck with that!

4 thoughts on “Next up: Danish, olive tapenade, pistachio powder and more

  1. I love tapenade too – was it you who told me to put anchovy in it? Normally I don't, but someone told me I should do that because apparently it's delicious with a bit of anchovy inside!


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