Month: February 2012


Hello from Morocco

Hello there folks! Here I am, moving from one country to another, and then to a 3rd one in the near future. In the meantime,


Shortbread with olive tapenade and cheese

Back in Morocco, we do have variations of savoury shortbreads and fekkas (something like biscottis but smaller). I never had the chance to post any


My chocolate-chestnut mud cake

There are moments where we just don’t know what to do and what to choose. I’m facing one of those! A lack of inspiration, many


Pistachio paste/powder

Pistachio paste/powder is one of these basic recipes you can make ahead and use as per inspiration. It can be used to stuff pastry. It


Almond Baklava

I have no idea why I made Baklava today! It just happened! I’m trying to draw plans to cut on highly caloric food and I


Black olive tapenade

Olive tapenade is a great spread and a smart addition to some sauces. You can make a green or black olive tapenade. You can mix

Breakfast, Pastry, cookies and biscuits

Pains aux raisins, Raisin buns or Shneicks. It’s just good for breakfast

  I will have to confess that I prefer raisin buns to croissants! Well, aren’t they made with the same dough? You even get to

Breakfast, Pastry, cookies and biscuits, Snacks and nibbles

How to shape some danish pastry

  These days I’m using my batch of croissant dough made last week. I have also made a long roll that I cut based on


Next up: Danish, olive tapenade, pistachio powder and more

It’s been a hard week at all levels. And with all the sandstorms around here, asthma, flu and coughs kicked in big time..I have no


Pain au Levain-levure- Bread with pre-ferment dough

Today, I give you “pain au levain-levure” or bread using a pre-ferment starter dough. It’s bread that has some of yesterday’s bread dough, which would

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