On a Welsh ground

Recently, I’ve spent 9 days in South Wales and I came across some of the most amazing vegetables and meat. I couldn’t believe how lamb meat can be that moist and tasty. I’m not fan of red meat, I can even forget to buy it for weeks if my husband wasn’t there to remind me since he’s a red meat eater. But if I was given the option, I’d eat that perfect Welsh lamb shanks and steaks with just salt and pepper, maybe garlic, no more! It’s just so delicious!
The other thing that got me hooked to Welsh products, it’s the vegetables and their sweetness. No wonder they are, the water is sweet as well, which reminds me the city of Fez where the rich soil and sweet water give the tastiest vegetables and fruits ever.
If you don’t know much about Wales, well I might give you some info since my husband is Welsh, hence, I’m getting so insider information :).
Welsh folks are proud Celtics, down to earth and very welcoming. It’s all green over there! Their food is simple and not spicy. Actually it would even look bland but I suppose with tasty fruits and veggies, you don’t want to mess it up!
It’s the country of leeks, of sheep, of gold, of hardworking people, but I’ve met more retired people (some of them worked in the coal mines before retiring) than youngsters! I understood there were more work opportunities in England so they tend to leave their beloved Wales to other destinations.
Some of the Welsh recipes can be found under different names in Ireland, in Scotland and of course in England. Not that I want to know who discovered what in the first place. As a foodie, I just want to appreciate what people across countries have to offer (and cook).
For Christmas, I received a present from my sister-in-law: a cookbook all about Wales and Welsh food. It got me excited and also had me thinking to share some of that with you! 
But before that, let me share some pictures I took while I was there, from the small villages of Ystradgynlais, Ystalyfera to the big city of Abertawe (or Swansea).
River Tawe by Ystalyfera
Santa expected on dec 24th, climbing and getting ready to deliver gifts!
Isn’t that beautiful?
In Swansea, behind me is the market and a nice shopping area
The colorful man!
The shopping area
No idea who he is
Swansea Market
Got cockles and laverbread from there (will tell you later about these)
Candy shop, left side (massive)
Candy shop, right side
Fresh laverbread (seaweed)
Cockles, ready to be eaten!
The word Razor is scary, I don’t think I’ll have the courage to eat this anytime soon

My new magnets, aren’t they cute? Wait until you see my handmade sheep purse.
Bakestone bread with currants, I’ll be posting a recipe soon
The present from my sis in law, a wonderful book about Welsh food
I bought this…
And this..

 Well! Stay tuned for some Welsh recipes!

4 thoughts on “On a Welsh ground

  1. Lovely pics Nada – I've been to Wales quite a few times… it's a couple of hours drive from my parents' home town across the Severn bridge. We used to take some camping trips to a little village called \”Llanthony\”, nestled at the foot of the Black Mountains. I love Welsh countryside… that area especially. If you ever get the chance to visit it please do. Drive up to the ruined priory and have a drink in the little bar in the grounds there, maybe take a walk up into the hills a way.It's nice to see what you did – I've never once heard of Laverbread… I'm curious as to what it's like. I just looked it up now… sounds very interesting!


  2. This place sounds good to me, nested at the foot of the mountain! Great!Regarding laverbread, I have seen it in Swansea but not in the villages I've visited. It seems that Swansea has more produces. Before going to Wales, I did some culinary research about what to look for so I don't miss it. That's how I've come accross laverbread. I'll let you know how it turns out, I brough some with me for the experiment.


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