Month: January 2012


The mighty croissant dough, plus ideas for filling

Making a croissant dough is very similar to the process used for puff pastry. It’s about alternating layers of dough and trapping the butter in

Soups and porridges

Velouté de légumes – Easy cream of vegetables

  This cream of vegetables is a family recipe. There is nothing difficult about it and you can adjust it according to your taste, or

Snacks and nibbles, Starters, Salads and kemia

Turkish Poğaça with cheese

  Poğaça is a sort of pastry prepared in the Balkans, Greece and Turkey with variations here and there. Considering the presence of the Ottoman

Poultry and birds

Moroccan chicken and vermicelli – Dwida be djaj

Dwida (cha’ariya) is a one-pot North-African dish with some differences from one country to another. Some make it almost the way I made medfouna. In

Soups and porridges

Middle-Eastern lentil soup

  Shorber A’das or Lentil soup is usually available in Lebanese and Syrian restaurants (In UAE and Qatar at least). It’s seriously one of the


Decorated sugar dough cookies

It’s been a while since I have decorated my last cake. So my hands became a bit shaky and not very precise. I have decided

Soups and porridges

Gratinée à l’oignon – French onion soup

  My quick soup of the day is a “gratinée à l’oignon” (French onion soup). Easy to make, it needs only a few ingredients but

Poultry and birds

Moroccan chicken and olives with preserved lemon – Djaj bel btata we zitoun

Somehow, this week is about Moroccan cooking, because I miss it. Besides, so many dishes can be reproduced with limited ingredients and tools. This week,

Soups and porridges

Moroccan sweet soup of broken vermicelli with milk – Cha’ariya bel hlib

  This is a recipe that can be enjoyed hot as a soup or cold and thickened as a pudding. How about that. Now I


Za’atar blend, a touch of the Middle-East

Za’atar (or zaatar) refers to thyme in Arabic. However, it’s a kind of blend that could include other dried herbs such as marjoram, oregano. Then

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