Cream filled Eclairs with salted caramel – Eclairs au caramel beurre salé

Oh my God, so late to keep my promisel…Well, I was requested to make doughnuts, gingerbread house and some other things in between. My husband’s pupils scored well this term and he wanted to give them a treat..So that kept me busy!

Well, as promised, here is the basic recipe for my choux pastry. You can use to it make eclairs, choux buns, Paris-Brest, French crullers…and even savoury appetizers.

I have made Eclairs because I had some vanilla cream left from the day I made Millefeuille and this stuff shouldn’t stay more that 48h. Hence this idea of Eclairs with vanilla cream.

Choux pastry is one of those things you just need to learn, because it’s a crowd pleaser and above all IT’S EASY TO MIX. well actually this is the best part!

One thing you want to be carefull about: weight your ingredients, especially the eggs.

Plain choux pastry

Sorry for the quality of the photos, taken at night in my dark kitchen..


For 15 medium size Eclairs
Prep: 15 min/ Baking: 20 min

Pastry cream

1/2 of this batch

Choux pastry
– 80 g milk
– 80 g water
– 90 g flour
– 50 g butter
– 140 g of eggs (3 eggs) 
– 1 tbsp of sugar
– 1 good pinch of salt
– 1 egg yolk for glazing + few drops of milk (I forgot)
Caramel for frosting
– 50 g of caster sugar
– 100 g of crème liquide (single cream)
– 30 g glucose
– 10g semi salted butter (beurre demi-sel) or normal butter with a pinch of fleur de sel
The choux pastry: Prepare it few hours in advance.
Preheat oven to 200 ° C. In a saucepan, combine milk, water, butter, sugar, salt. Bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and pour at once the sifted flour.
Put back on medium heat and mix with a wooden spatula for few seconds until the flour is well absorbed and a soft dough is starting to form. Actually what’s happening is that the dough is drying up and start coming off the pan.
The mixture before adding the eggs

Put the dough in a large bowl, let cool slightly. Bring your egg beater then add the eggs one by one, after complete absorption.

The dough is ready to be piped

 You must get a sort of dense creamy texture that should form a peak.

Put the dough in a pastry bag with a smooth tip (1 cm in diameter). 
Line up 1 baking sheet with parchment paper. Pipe tubes or rods-like of 10-12 cm in length. Equalize the surface with a wet knife.
Pipe the dough and leave space between each piece

When you finish piping, use a wet knife to flatten the edge

Brush the dough with egg yolk mixed with a few drops of milk.
Bake for about twenty minutes: until it becomes light golden. Cool on wire rack.

I opened the Eclair from one side

Using a knife or a pastry bag with an appropriate tip, make two holes from the bottom side of the Éclairs or just open them in length. Put the cream caramel in a pastry bag and stuff in the choux pastry.

Keep refrigerated.
The caramel frosting

Melt the sugar in a heavy saucepan until it turns golden. Add the glucose and wait until it reaches 104 ° C. Add the cream 2-3 times in warm-hot (watch the bubbles) and mix until perfectly homogeneous. Add the butter, stir and let cool. The glaze should be used at room temperature or slightly higher but not much to keep it just about runny to work with.

 Frost the Éclairs using a spatula or a spoon. Refrigerate and serve cold ideally.

2 thoughts on “Cream filled Eclairs with salted caramel – Eclairs au caramel beurre salé

  1. Thanks Christy, well it looks like it's working. He's the teacher and I'm the baker :). If we can make the children happy, why not! Especially when they work hard..


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