Festive season and plenty of biscuits and cookies coming your way

Well! I still can’t get hold of proper desk lamps for a lightbox that I’m trying to make. This thing is meant to improve the quality of my photos because I just can’t have proper daylight in my flat.

But the good thing is that I bought a bread maker, yes, because although I love baking, I hate kneading! My KitchenAid was left behind (in Morocco). So the bread maker will be doing the kneading for me and I’ll be doing the shaping! Besides, It costs way less than a second KitchenAid.

The good news is that I’ll be travelling soon to UK and I have a plan to visit Wonka factory in Swansea (Wales). Come on! you don’t know that??? Have you come accross Charlie and the chocolate factory in the last 11 years??? I love Johnny Depp in this Movie, you can hardly recognise him. Well! I’m looking forward to that.

But let’s come back to this interesting festive season. I love it because I get to bake a lot. Not that I’m celebrating Christmas because I’m Muslim, but, that is matter? of course not! There are cookies, biscuits and petits-fours all over the place and that’s what really matters. Now this December is also a festive season because the New Hijri year just started and it happens that Ashura is in Dec 5th. The fasting is to commemorate the day when Moses and his followers were saved from Pharaoh by Allah (God) by creating a path in the Red Sea

Ashoura for us, especially when we are kids (I still am, at 35) is a bit the equivalent of Christmas back home. If your parents have forgotten to buy you toys throughout the year, they’ll buy you some during Achoura (or Ashoura). You get money, you get to play, in some places you get fireworks…For the grown ups, you get to fast (not mandatory). But for both, they get to eat lots of sweets!

So stay tuned and share my recipes throughout the month! Happy new Hijri year, Happy Achoura, Happy Xmas, Happy 2012, ahead of time! aaaaaaaaaaand Happy baking!

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