Quick and Easy Moroccan salad with Tomatoes and onions

This simple tomato and onion salad is very tasty and yet easy to make. It goes well with grills. Actually, this is one of the mixes you find in the fastfood restaurants in Morocco. They usually add it to the “brochettes” sandwiches, wether it;s red meat, liver, heart, sausage (my fav is liver sausage).

This is a DIY tomato and onion salad, you are free to add green or black olives, chopped cucumber, parsley or harissa paste, corn.

I am not going to measure the ingredients because this is up to you and how many persons youwill be serving.. I have made this one for me, so I have used:

– 1 big tomato,
– 1/2 small onion (chopped),
– A bit of green pepper,
– A pinch of salt,
– A pinch of black pepper
– A good pinch of cumin,
–  GOOOOOOD olive oil,
– A bit  of white vinegar.

Here is another version with more cucumber (but no cumin)..

How simple and yet how refreshing!

Author: Nada

Nada Kiffa is an Expert in Moroccan cooking and her recipes are coming from a lineage of Moroccan home and professional cooks. Cooking classes and posted articles are inspired by her family life in Morocco and elsewhere. You will learn what makes a dish Moroccan before learning how to execute it. You will also learn how to work around recipes and cut corners without missing on the flavour.

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