My Trip to Fez & re-bounding with past!

I have been away from blogging for a little while. I went back home for a cause: Visiting Fez and hence family.

Fez is more the city of my parents than mine, but is it ok to say so?

I was born and raised in Casablanca but Fez has been present in my life since I have spent literally all my school vacations and holidays in my grandparents houses in it, I have grown up eating Fassi food for most of it and my family is mostly living in Fez since I have ever existed (and since they have ever existed)..So I felt so guilty for not visiting it recently for few years.

Besides, there is not a single day that goes by where I do not think about my father (Allah yrahmou).. So going on that trip was a bouquet of memories of the places and the things he liked and the corners we used to go to when there, especially in the Old Medina or Fes el Bali or Rcif and the “Marché central(Central Market) where my grandfather used to cater high end fish and seafood to Hotels and Restaurants of the city.

So here are some photos of my trip, or rather of my favorite spots..Recipes will follow as soon as I get time to type them.

Views of the Old Medina



View from le Meridien Hotel, Les Merinides
Another spectacular view from Le Meridien Hotel


Serghina, a sort of blend to burn as ensens, It will be mixed with “chebba”, “al oud” and some drops of Orange blossom essence.


Table clothes, although my aunties used to produce better results, I guess this one is Machine-made!


Al Karaouiine


An angle of Moulay Driss Mosque


Esseffarine, the “copper” quarters where you can see workers crafting on copper




Some belts and chrabel (Cherbil is a sort of sleeper)


A venue in Rcif


Remainings of a wall


Remainings of a wall



The Old medina from another angle


One of the walls protecting the city, on the way to bab boujloud


The Old medina from another angle


The Old medina from another angle


The Old medina from another angle


The newly-built BAB EL BATHA (la porte d’el Batha)


One of the main streets of Fez


Madrasset El Cherratine (Old school)


Madrasset El Cherratine, the door (Old school)


Nougat and Jabane maker (it’s a sacred thing to buy nougat in Fez)



My ultimate favorite cheese: Jben Saiss. This one belongs to Mr. Benjelloun

Stay tuned for more photos and some of our family recipes!

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