Things to do with puff pastry: It wraps your leftovers..

There are days when I just feel like doing nothing, but I still have to cook for hubby. Annnd yes it happens that we call for home delivery stuff, which would be my favourite Indian food in most of the time.
I always keep puff pastry in the freezer, ready to go. That makes you look like a star and most of the time you just need to use what you have in the pantry or fridge, a bit of seasoning and you are done!
In Morocco, Brick sheets are available quiet everywhere and they represent a healthy alternative to the puff pastry..Filo dough sheets is the their cousin and I assume is quiet common in supermarkets Outside Morocco, so feel free to wrap your stuffing in one the 3..
Here are few things I made last month but never had time to post them:
1/ Out of Roast leftovers, I made these:
Diced roasted meat, pickles (cornichons), freshly ground pepper, matured grated cheddar and mozzarella.
 2/ Out of seared salmon leftovers, I made these:
Seared salmon, spring onions, sautéed shiitake mushrooms, chives, freshly ground pepper
 Thing you can do the same with sautéed spinach and seared salmon, which will give you a version “Salmon Coulibiac” but without the fuss!
Out of puff pastry leftovers (those little cuts when you’re done shaping your turnovers or Vol-au vent..), I made pinwheels, they’ll look (and taste) good on your table:
Savory pinwheels..Good for all occasions
 These pinwheels are stuffed with cold cuts finely chopped (In Morocco, we mostly use Cacher, a cold cut with a pronounced garlic and nutmeg taste, sometimes spicy), any grated cheese, a bit of smoked paprika, a spoon of mustard..
All these options need to be egg washed to give that nice golden colour, always good for presentation.
Sometimes, we don’t try to be creative or innovative, we just want to eat when we are hungry, and when things turn out to be surprisingly tasty; it’s the bonus!

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