Fasting day, last day in Kuwait and quick recipes

I’ve spent the day it is my last day in Kuwait.. I had to clean up the fridge because my hubby wouldn’t be able to use the leftovers do way I would do..So far he’s boiling eggs better than me; or scrambling them.

Since we both a tiny tuna from the fish market which was questionable by the way..I used the tail and co to make a broth..(Sage, thyme, spring onion, celery, 1 carrot, parsley and coriander, 1 garlic glove).. See, all good! It became a fancy soup.. so I had it when I broke my fast. Belly warming, very healthy.. A spoon or two of crème fraiche could be added before serving but I didn’t feel like, a garlic cheese toast as well.

This needed 30 min cooking on medium high heat..

I didn’t feel like garnishing it.. not looking good but tasty (fish and sage…yummy)

While this was cooking.. I had cherry tomatoes and goat cheese going.. Just added some drops of olive oil and lemon juice, crushed pepper and chopped parsley and basil. There you have it: a nice appetizer..(Make sure to gently empty the tomatoes with a small spoon to leave space for the filling). IT TOOK 4 MIN all and all..

There are few with black olive tapenade or if you are rich, put caviar haha!

I also made these toasts: a healthy sautéed spinach with garlic and parsley (just for 3 min in olive oil). I added some caramelized onions and an unconditional dose of cheese (Edam in this case), on the top of my homemade no knead bread please; all in the over heated at 220 C (top only).

That was another 10 min..

My Iftar was ready in 30 min before the Azan and I even had a berry/yoghurt smoothie for refreshment..

Don’t worry folks, I had 2 bites or 2 spoon of each and all the smoothie of course (berries are considered luxury in the gulf countries, so you gotta appreciate every tiny berry you can get (even frozen options). In Morocco, we usually do not eat much while breaking the fast. The stomach is not ready yet for the volume or the complicated stuff. It comes later. So this was scattered throughout the evening…

I didn’t forget hubby who needed a lunch after all…

Well, he had this:

The tuna steak took me 3 to 4 min each side on mid/high Heat. I cooked it in a hot pan (with olive oil), salt/peper for the seasoning. Nothing fancy from that side. The garnishing is all what was mentioned above..

Well that’s about it folks.. I’m heading to Doha and planning to spend a long time at the airport.

I will be staying at the W where I used to work.. happy to see some of my ex-community, but above all, to eat in Market and Spice Market by Jean-Georges..If you happen to have one of his restaurants in your town, just go and spoil yourself… This man is a genius when it comes to pan-asian food. He masters the fusions..I can’t wait!

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