toronto, last days of this trip to Canada

Well.. it’s 9.37 pm and it’s raining cats and dogs!! I bet toronto community is not happy… Somehow it starts raining whenever it’s saturday…

Today I bought few more books: The man who ate everything, The essential handbook for today’s Home book, The rough guide to blogging..

I watched Julie and Julia, that is just a wonderful movie….I’ve read half of the book a while ago…It’s just representing what I want to do.. at this very moment of my life..difference also is that I’m single and they are/were both married and had/have the support of a second person…For the story, I lost my father this year and I wish he was still around.. his presence, although I’m far away from my home country, was virtually important. I wonder what he would have said if he knew that I’m reconsidering my career and thinking to start over!

Recently, i have finished reading 2 books from the same author! let’s say i was originally biaised when I bought the first book in Virgin’s Megastore In doha (was it Dubai?).Anyway, the 1st book was the Caliph’s house, where he narrates his story of buying an old house in casablanca and he renovated it…that book made me seeing morocco from a different angle I must say! The second book was the “Arabian nights”, again the story is still about morocco and the man looking for a truth through stories of the arabian nights..”the moroccan way””… I loved both and Mr. Shah’s style is really brilliant!

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